What is OpenSimulator?

OpenSimulator (OpenSim) is a 3D Application Server1. It can be used to create a 3D Virtual World (ala Second Life), and includes facilities for creating custom avatars, chatting with others in the environment, building 3D content in world, and creating complex 3D applications in world. OpenSimulator can also be extended via loadable modules or web service interfaces to build more custom 3D Applications. OpenSimulator is released under a BSD License, making it both open source, and commercially friendly to embed in products.

The OpenSim Hypergrid2 is an extension to opensim that allows you to link your opensim to other opensims on the internet, and that supports seamless agent transfers among those opensims. It can be used both in standalone mode and in grid mode. The hypergrid is effectively supporting the emergence of a Web of virtual worlds.


Other Distributions:

  • The Diva Distribution3 is an easy opensim installation with a simple Front End Account Manager.
  • NewWorld Studio4 is a preconfigured standalone opensim for beginners with GUI manager.

Download Assets and SIMs and Stuff https://myopensim.com/ or OpensimWorlds

Search Grid_List or lets have a look at http://ngrid.org/blog/?q=node/10 as an example 😉 or http://www.osgrid.org/ and others…………

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